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At eight years old, my mom let me redecorate my entire bedroom to match the Friends apartment. In my very Monica-esque manner, I sat in front of my purple television set watching and pausing VHS tapes obsessively to identify every detail of their space. Holding up paint swatches to my TV, I painstakingly matched the iconic lavender and teal color palette on the walls and trim of that NYC apartment to my own. I scoured our attic for floral fabric to make curtains. And when it was complete, I stood in the doorway and snapped photographs on my purple Polaroid film camera.

The same joy I felt as an 8-year-old from obsessively researching, tinkering, and capturing that space on film drives me. I love partnering with interior designers, architects, and masters of their crafts that sweat the small stuff. All the energy and resources that go into your design decision should be captured in your photographs with care and precision. From the wide angle “money” shots to the little vignettes you spend hours styling and adjusting, I take my job behind the lens seriously and consider it a great honor to partner with you to complete the final stage of your design— the photographs.

Interior Styling Process

What translates a beautifully designed space to a great photograph is ALL in the styling. In a cluttered space, this can mean removing 80% of a room’s contents and introducing a highly curated selection of items that bring a sense of cohesion and balance. In an uninhabited space, this can mean furnishing with pieces that bring an appropriate sense of scale and style and ultimately elevate and highlight the original design. I’ve worked with everyone from interior designers who style every element in a room themselves, to large architecture firms with multi-person styling teams. At the end of the day, it’s always a collaboration between the architect or designer’s vision and the photographer’s lens. I can’t wait to work together.





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